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Here at Trade Tyre Services (Midlands) Limited, we are proud to provide an expert wheel alignment service to customers throughout the Midlands, ensuring that their vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned at all times. With over 30 years’ experience in the tyre supplying and fitting industry, our expert team of technicians are highly skilled and can be relied upon to align your wheels correctly and safely, and at a great price.

There are a variety of reasons why wheels on a vehicle may become misaligned, such as hitting a pothole or a kerb. Some of the most common things to look out for if you suspect your wheels may have become misaligned include:

  • The vehicle pulling to the left of right
  • The vehicle pulling under braking
  • Excessive wear on the shoulder of the tyre
  • Shock Absorber and Other suspension parts

If any of these traits are becoming apparent with your vehicle, it is important to take it to have its wheels realigned. Doing so could not only improve your vehicle’s safety, particularly under braking, but will also help extend the life of your tyres, as well as improving your vehicle’s fuel economy and road handling.

To find out more about the Hunter Wheel Alignment service here at Trade Tyre Services (Midlands) Limited, contact us today. Our friendly team of professionals will be happy to help advise you on whether your vehicle needs this service, and will carry out any alignments in an efficient yet thorough manner at a great price. We cover Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and the surrounding West Midlands areas.