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Your tyre pressures are an important part of your car that you should check on a monthly basis. Newer cars are now fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which will alert the driver when a tyre has low pressure.

TPMS is an important part of your car and now is included in your cars annual MOT test and if this system was to fail then you car would fail its MOT. If the system is not working as designed, there will be a flashing or permanent TPMS warning light on the dashboard when the electrics are initially switched on. This light will eventually go solid, usually after a minute or so, in this situation the system would fail the MOT. Therefore it is important that the pressure warning system is regularly checked for faults.

Common Faults with TPMS include:

  • Sensor Batteries have stopped working
  • Valve stems corroded
  • Inappropriate metal valve caps fitted which are not compatible for a TPMS valve stems results in the cap being seized and damaging the TPMS Stem. This may require a new TPMS valve as the stem cannot be replaced.

Should you require a new TPMS sensor, here at Trade Tyres we can supply a cost-effective replacement TPMS sensor which clones to your existing car TPMS settings. Being able to carry out this procedure mean we are cheaper than your car manufacture main dealer. We can also service your existing TPMS sensors to ensure they continue to work correctly.