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How Will Driving an Electric Car Affect My Tyres?

  The electric car market is booming. BMW has recently announced plans to develop 12 new all-electric cars by 2025. The all-electric Tesla Roadster is currently in production and set to be released in the next few years. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, claims it will be the fastest production car ever made. Electric cars possess a few key differences to petrol/diesel cars that can alter the way components behave. This article will explain how tyres might be impacted by driving an electric car, and which types of tyres generate the smallest environmental impact.   How will an electric car…

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old worn tyres

The Unfortunate Risks of Part Worn Tyres

Part-worn tyres are not safe. In the past, they used to be sold because they were cheaper but essentially, they’re not likely to last long and will mean you will have to replace them much more frequently. The message is simple: invest in safe, new tyres. There are many risks to using part-worn tyres, so to ensure you understand what they are, we’ve put together a useful article that’ll explain everything you should be aware of.    Part-worn tyres have poor tread-depth But just how poor? Part-worn tyres are likely to have as little as 2mm of tread depth left, this…

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how to find out your tyre size

How to Read Your Tyre Size

Can you tell us your tyre sizes? If you’re unsure, Trade Tyres have put together a quick and simple guide that’ll help you to understand what replacement tyre your vehicle requires.       Tyre Size On the sidewall of your tyre, you will find a combination of numbers and letters. Commonly across the UK, tyres will read 205/55R16, however, there are multiple variations, so if these codes don’t ring a bell, check your current tyres. If you have your vehicle’s handbook ready, you can refer to this to find out your tyre size. It’s always important to know your tyres size…

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Electric car tyres in Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield

EU Tyre Labels Explained

In the last few years, car tyre labelling has been implemented across Europe, and you may be wondering what the labels mean. So we have created a thorough breakdown of the labels and what the categories mean, to help you make a knowledgeable decision on your next tyre.   What is tyre labelling?  In November 2012 an EU legislation was created which states that every new tyre in Europe must have a label to show its performance based on certain criteria. It is a simple, easy to read label, such as those seen on household appliances. There are three categories on it,…

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wheel alignment

What’s the difference between wheel alignment, balancing and tracking?

Many people ask what’s the difference between wheel alignment, balancing and tracking. That’s why we have put together this handy guide so you can understand exactly how our mechanics make your vehicle safer and help it to last longer. Next time you drive away after a car service, you’ll know exactly why its handling feels so good. It’s down to our excellent wheel alignment and balancing services. What is wheel alignment? Wheel alignment refers to the position of each tyre in relation to the road and wheel rim. Each one needs to be set according to the manufacturer’s specification to achieve…

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tyre tread

The Ultimate Guide to Checking Your Own Tyre Tread Depth in 2019

Why is tread depth so important? Tyre tread is grooved in such as way that each tyre can shift one gallon of water per second away from the contact patch. That’s impressive performance by any metric! In order to maintain this reliable performance, the legal limit for tread depth is 1.6 mm. Some manufacturers even suggest replacement as early as 3 mm. In wet conditions, stopping distances can increase by up to 44% and that’s with tyres that are legally worn between the 3 mm and 1.6 mm thresholds. Once your tyres are worn below the legal limit, they are considered…

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mobile tyre fitting vans

Mobile tyre fitting: what to expect

Tyres which are in good condition are a vital aspect of safe and smooth driving. However, with constant contact with the road and heavy usage, your tyres can wear down and become damaged more frequently than most other vehicle components. So, whether you have low levels of tread left or the misfortune of a puncture, it is worth knowing a garage with a tyre fitting service you can rely upon to offer a quick and effective replacement. For the utmost ease and convenience, however, you should consider using a mobile tyre fitting service. What is mobile tyre fitting? Mobile tyre fitting…

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